Shelving Gives New Look to Library

February 09, 2020 at 3:10 AM


A new look for the library.

       The DuBois Area Historical Society’s genealogical library received a new look at the end of 2019 when new shelving was installed.

       Shelving units were constructed by Shane Franz and financed with a donation received in memory of the Royer and O’Donnell families, and grants received from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation and the Gray Family Foundation of DuBois. The new units expanded the shelf capacity for the ever-expanding library of local history and genealogy. An appropriate plaque is planned for placement in the library recognizing the donors.

       Removing the books from the previous shelving, removing the old shelving, installing the new shelving, and re-shelving the materials was completed over a four-day period by:  Chuck Allen, Dick Castonguay, Barb Emmer, Linda Lupro, Tom and Ginny Schott, and Mary Joan Yarger.


During the installation, books at left, new units awaiting attachment.


The original 1995 historical society library has grown a great deal over the years.

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