Penn State DuBois Students Help at Museum

August 30, 2023 at 7:48 PM


            Due to COVID restrictions, Penn State DuBois students visited the DuBois Area Historical Society as part of the campus’ Community Outreach Day. Incoming freshmen along with faculty and staff group leaders participate in the event, which is a part of new student orientation.

            Once at the Society, they were given a brief presentation on DuBois history and its links to the Penn State DuBois campus; and a presentation on the value of volunteering in the community.

           They proved to be of great help. Among the tasks completed were:  painting the outside garage doors, clearing weeds from between the Society buildings, moving items to the second floor of the Nye Annex, scraping some peeling paint, and removing the front window displays to prepare for a future exhibit.

           The Penn State DuBois participants included:  Amanda Decker, Savannah Ross, Braelyn Wolfel, Danielle Rolley, Lily Bouch, Austin Dinsmore, Austin Perkert, Mitchell Waldroup, Kyle Hite, Josh Tyger, and Treaton Haagen. Sarah Mayer, administrative support assistant of the One Stop Enrollment Services, accompanied the students.


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