Lantern Walk Celebrates Two Anniversaries

November 04, 2022 at 9:00 PM


Tyler Clark as the fireman

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     On a beautiful fall evening, 183 people participated in the DuBois Area Historical Society’s 14th Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk.

      “While the walk hasn’t returned to its pre-Covid attendance levels, this is the second consecutive year that attendance has topped 180,” said Tom Schott, chair of the event. “The Society thanks First United Presbyterian Church and First United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their property during the walk and the City of DuBois for turning on some extra lights and other assistance in preparation for the walk.”

       The walk focused on the City of DuBois’ 150th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of the DuBois Area Historical Society. Performers portrayed famous people from DuBois’ past and composite characters related to the city’s growth and development.

        On the historic side of the evening Darius Clement performed as John Rumbarger, Jackson Sturrock as John DuBois, and Gene Aravich as Mayor Adam Haag.

        Speaking for the early industries were Beecher Klingensmith as the Lumberman and Leah Crosley as the Miner’s Wife. Presenting about economic and community growth were Carolyn Rhoades as the Downtown Shopper, Caitlyn Kalgren as the Train Passenger, Tyler Clark as the Fireman, Liam Webster as the B-Line Worker, and Robin Powers as the Helicopter Trauma Nurse

         Continuing a tradition from its first year, Darla Brunnquell as the Church Mouse speaking about the food served at various DuBois churches. The animal in the script yearly delights the young people who attend.

         Wrapping up the tour was Rocco Shahayda as Dr. John Furlow. Furlow was the first president of the DuBois Area Historical Society and spoke about the Society’s founding and growth.

          Leading tours were Paul Bojalad, Galen Kilmer, Tom Rubritz, Ginny Schott, and Tom Schott. They were accompanied on the tours by Jim August, Ginny Brown, Chuck Meier, and Jerry Watson.

          Keeping things operating at the E. D. Reitz Museum, launching point for the walks, were Dick Castonguay, Kathleen Clement, Olga Chiodo, Betty Lou Cook, Ruth Gregori, Denise Katchmarchi, Linda Lupro, Chris Meier, Katie Shahayda, Cheri Shannon, Susan Thompson and Todd Thompson.

         The character script was written and researched by Gene Aravich and the tour leader narration by Gene Aravich and Tom Schott.


Rocco Shahayda as Dr. John Furlow


Robin Powers as the helicopter nurse.


Liam Webster as the B-Line Worker.


Leah Crosley as the miner's wife.


Jackson Sturrock as John DuBois.


Gene Aravich as Maryor Adam Haag.



Darius Clement as John Rumbarger.


Caitlyn Kalgren as the train passenger.


Beecher Klingensmith as the lumberman.


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