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Sabula Spring Walk May 7

      Sabula, one of the most historic sites in the DuBois area, will be the location for the DuBois Area Historical Society’s 8th Annual Spring Walk, Saturday, May 7. Pam Kirk will lead the walk beginning at 10 a.m. from the breast of the Sabula dam. The program is free and open to the public. Find a link to the story below.

Summer Hours

       The DuBois Area Historical Society summer schedule is now in effect. The museum and genealogical library hours are Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. For additional information, or to make an appointment for another day telephone (814) 371-9006.

"The Hills of Home" Available Again

       The DuBois Area Historical Society recently received copies of  “The Hills of Home” written by Jennie Dixon. The book was reprinted by popular demand. “The Hills of Home” is a history of the Sabula, Hickory, and Winterburn areas during the logging era.

         This hard cover book is for sale at the DuBois Area Historical Society. The cost is $50 plus $8, which includes $3 tax and $5 for shipping and handling. You can place your order by sending your check to DuBois Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 401, DuBois, PA 15801 or stop in at the Historical Society located at 30 W. Long Ave. on Tuesday or Wednesday between the hours of 10 and 4. For more information, please call 814-371-9006.



        Seventy-five years ago, DuBois and Clearfield County were part of history. May 14, 1939, DuBois and Clearfield were both stops on the newly conceived air mail pickup route, one where the planes did not land, but snagged the mail while in flight. A replication of the inaugural flight was held on May 17, 2014, between Clearfield and DuBois. Stamped first day covers from the May 17, 2014, flight are now available from the DuBois Area Historical Society at a cost of $2.50 per first day cover. Contact the Society for ordering information.


ornament_front.jpg     The DuBois Area Historical Society is selling Christmas ornaments featuring the museum on Long Avenue, the Society logo and founding date. For more information click here.


     The DuBois Area Historical Society is partnering with Schwan’s Home Services to meet our current fundraising goals. Schwan’s Home Delivery offers over 350 delicious foods, flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and conveniently delivered to your door. Through, consumers can order from Schwan’s Home Delivery. The Society's latest campaign begins on Monday, Feb. 16 and runs through Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Schwan’s will contribute 5% of all orders received in this way to our organization!

     To participate click here. On the page, Preserve Your History, click on Shop Now, or  Support Now to place an order.


     Visit our Gift Shoppe, for books, gifts, and other items for the local history buff in your family:  Here

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Sabula Site For Spring Walk

Sabula, one of the most historic sites in the DuBois area, will be the location for the 8th Annual Spring Walk.

Bailey Recalls Early Days of NASCAR

From dirt-track jalopies to the beach at Daytona, DuBois’ Don Bailey saw it all.

Bailey to Speak About Early NASCAR

Don Bailey will relate his experiences in the early day of NASCAR racing as the guest speaker for a DuBois Area Historical Socie…

Kessler Relates History's Influence On Her Career

Amy Kessler experienced history while she was a student athlete at DuBois Area High School.

Night At the Museum Makes History Alive

For a second consecutive February, the DuBois Area Historical Society’s E. D. Reitz Museum came alive.

Kessler Guest Speaker For Annual Luncheon

Amy Kessler, will be the guest speaker for the DuBois Area Historical Society’s Annual Luncheon.

Night At The Museum For Young People

The DuBois Area Historical Society will open its programs for 2016 with “A Night At the Museum".

Dining On a Train Coming to DuBois

Dr. Jeffrey Rice guided a group from the DuBois Area Historical Society on an early preview of his newest train venture.

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