From Problem To New Look

August 24, 2023 at 12:26 PM

            Following some water damage to the carpeting and floor in the E. D. Reitz Museum’s library, which involved an insurance claim, several of the Society’s board members determined to take on the project themselves.

            Obtaining new flooring, the furniture in the room was moved out and the old carpeting removed. With the room wide open, the walls were painted before the flooring was installed. Working on the project, over several weeks, were Dick Castonguay, Tom Rubritz and Brian Leech. Assisting twice during the process were volunteers from Goodwill Industries, who were volunteering throughout the town. They also assisted in moving many unneeded items from the second floor of the museum’s George Nye Annex.

            The photos show the before and after of the project. Some additional work remains to be accomplished before the project is completed.



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