Society Celebrates 40th Year With Dinner

September 26, 2022 at 2:50 AM


Three of the DuBois Area Historical Society’s four living presidents attended the 39th dinner observing the Society’s 40thanniversary. From left are Virginia Schott, current President Ruth Gregori, and Tom Schott. The fourth living president Mike Mowrey was unable to attend. 

            The DuBois Area Historical Society celebrated its 40th anniversary at its dinner held at Christ Lutheran Church, DuBois.

            Speaker Tom Schott, who was attending his 39th annual dinner (one was cancelled by COVID), continued the year-long theme of commemorating the Society’s 40th anniversary and the 150th for the City of DuBois. His topic “150 Years Ago:  Three Towns Become One” focused on the “big three” of the city’s early years, George Shaffer, John Rumbarger, and John DuBois.

            His presentation aided by Power-Point photos described how the properties of the three largest land owners consolidated to form the present City of DuBois. He concluded by noting the donations of property by John E. and Willie Gamble DuBois and their children contributed to the growth and development of modern DuBois. Schott based his program on an article written by the late Sam King for the 100th anniversary of the City of DuBois.


Linda Walborn and Clair Kriner

            Among the 80 members and guests in attendance were two descendants of George Shaffer, Clair Kriner and Linda Walborn. Their ancestor George Shaffer and his family were the first settlers in the DuBois area, arriving in 1812.

            The Society’s anniversary was remembered through a brief reflection of the deceased past presidents:  Dr. John Furlow, Dr. George Nye, Shirley Clark, E. D. Reitz, Bob DuBois, Audrey Lott, and Evo Facchine. Three of the four living presidents of the Society, current president Ruth Gregori Tom Schott and Virginia Schott, were in attendance. Past president Mike Mowrey was unable to attend.

            All present and past members of the Society’s board along with volunteers were invited to stand and given a round of applause.

            President Ruth Gregori made opening remarks and offered the invocation prior to the meal catered by Catering by Paulette.

            During a brief business meeting, the 2023 budget was approved and the following were elected to two-year terms: Tom Schott, second vice president; Gene Aravich, secretary; Allen Minns, treasurer; Dick Castonguay, director of genealogy; Caitlin Kalgren, director of museum and curator; Robin Powers, Huston Township representative; Denise Katchmarchi, Falls Creek representative; Emma Miller, Bloom/Brady Township representative; and Betty Lou Cook, Treasure Lake representative.

            Upcoming events include:  the 14th Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk on October 15 with a theme of 150 Years of DuBois; and a fundraiser at Buck’s Pizza on October 17 and 18, voucher required. 

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