Museum Hosts Penn State Volunteers

August 29, 2014 at 10:50 AM

group_on_stairs.jpg     For a fourth consecutive year the DuBois Area Historical Society’s E. D. Reitz Museum was a destination on Penn State DuBois’ Community Outreach Day. On Friday, August 22, more than 150 freshmen and over 30 faculty and staff group leaders participated in the event, which is a part of new student orientation.

     The Society hosted two of the groups (photo at left) when heavy rain washed out the opportunity to work at Rumbarger Cemetery. Once at the Society, they were given a tour of the museum and a brief presentation on DuBois history and its links to the Penn State DuBois campus.

     After that they broke into smaller groups and provided volunteer help on a number of projects including:  painting, general cleaning both indoors and outdoors, and a continuing Society project to clean out unusable items from the second floor of the building to be hauled away.

     The student visit also attracted Deven Clarke from WJAC-TV, who interviewed students and Society members for a report that aired on both the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. news that day.

     The participating students included:

     Kyle Bouer of Lucinda.

     Rebecca Hy, Ryan Lingle, Courtney Patterson, and Zach Wood of Clearfield.

     Austin Miller of Rockton.

     Katie Russell of Grampian.

     Cassidy Sicheri of Kersey.

     Tamera Anthony of Brookville.

     Anna Harkleroad of Mahaffey.

     Tawnya Cordwell of Reynoldsville.

     Jessica Clark, Jordan Johns, David Shorts, and Jacquelyn Von Schmittou of DuBois.

     Riley Gunter of Clarion.

     Dylan Clingan of Emporium.

     Devin Remley of Roaring Branch.

      J. J. Walker of Liberty.

     Julie Shimmel of Wallaceton.

     Paul Burnnart of Blairsville.

     Tanner Rager of Reedsville.

     Nick Micskop of Greenville.

tv_interview.jpg     Penn State DuBois faculty/staff members accompanying the students were:  Diana Kreydt, disability services coordinator; Anna Akintunde, career counselor; and Barb Kopshina, information resources and services support specialist.

     The activities were supervised at the museum by: Carol Laughlin, Tom Rubritz, and Tom and Ginny Schott.

     “We truly appreciate the efforts of these young people when they visit us each year,” said Tom Schott, the Society’s 2nd Vice President. “The historical society is operated entirely by volunteers and we appreciate all help and the opportunity to pass along our passion for history to others.”

PHOTOS:  Above Deven Clarke from WJAC-TV prepared to interview Society 2nd Vice President Tom Schott; below, cleaning is underway in the sports and recreation area; and at bottom the painting of a wall is underway.