Rummage Sale Successful

July 14, 2014 at 10:44 AM


            Customers started arriving Friday afternoon during setup and making purchases before prices were on the items.

            That was the first indicator the DuBois Area Historical Society’s rummage sale was going to be a success. When the event actually started the following morning, July 12, more people arrived and carried away purchases from the rummage sale, accompanying bake sale and sale of the Society’s books and souvenirs.

            When cleanup was completed on Saturday, July 12, the total earnings for the day were $1,070.


Visitors examine the items for sale. 

           “This was a huge success,” said Kathleen Clement, curator for the Society, who organized the activity. “The Society’s thanks goes to Ben Kohlhepp and his family for providing a tent tables in their parking area for the Society to use; and Jean Hayes for coordinating the bake sale. We also had a great turnout of volunteers, who loaded items onto trucks at the Society’s museum and brought them to Kohlhepps, assisted with set-up and the sale, and broke down the sale and took the unsold items to Goodwill.”

            In addition to the monetary rewards from the sale, all of which goes toward operating the Society, there was a second positive aspect. The removal of these items from the E. D. Reitz Museum buildings will free up additional storage space, freeing more space for displays.

            No items from the Society’s permanent collection were included in the sale. Everything sold was donated or found in the three buildings of the museum complex after they were purchased.

            “I want to thank the community for their support of our rummage sale,” said Clement.

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