Mayflower Society Genealogy Topic

June 07, 2019 at 6:00 PM

            Of the original 102 Pilgrim passengers who landed at Plymouth in 1620, only half of those survived the first year in the New World. Yet, it is estimated today that more than 30 million living Americans (roughly 10 percent of the population) and another five million people worldwide are descendants of the original Pilgrims. The Mayflower Society, a hereditary organization, celebrates the memory of the Pilgrim spirit and honors their ancestors. 

            As part of its genealogy workshops series, the DuBois Area Historical Society will offer a program on the Mayflower Society, presented by Mayflower member and expert genealogist Kathy Myers on Thursday, June 20.  The 1 ½ hour program will begin at 2 pm at the Society building on West Long Avenue.

            Myers will share research techniques connecting descendants to the original pilgrim passengers, documenting help of the Society’s Silver Books, and categories of lineage proof.  In 2020, the designated 400thanniversary of the Mayflower, the Society will launch the Patriot to Passenger Project, a bridge to other heritage societies such as Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution (DAR and SAR).  Members of those organizations will want link to this information that Myers will unveil at the presentation.

             Everyone is welcome to attend.  There is no fee to attend.

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