Lifetime Memberships Available

May 17, 2006 at 8:50 PM

            Sixty-eight individuals since 1988 have decided to become lifetime members of the DuBois Area Historical Society Inc. The Society’s constitution in Article IV – Membership reads in item 4:  “Life Membership:  Granted to those persons who share the purpose of the society and who pay the stipulated fee as determined by the executive council.”

            The fee to become a lifetime member of the DuBois Area Historical Society is $100. Anyone interested in becoming a lifetime member should send a check for $100 made payable to the DuBois Area Historical Society to P.O. Box 401, DuBois, Pa. 15801.

            The current lifetime members, by year include:

1988 – David Beer

            Marvin Bloom*

1993 – Marjorie Ferra

1994 – Mohney-Yarger Funeral Chapel

            Paul Ramsey

1995 – Robert Cherry

            Thomas Dunlap

            Richard Johnson

            Wesley Reitz

            James Sterrett

            Albert Varacallo

1996 – Alexander & Associates

            W. E. Grill

            Randy DuBois

            DuBois Jaycees

            Ervin Fennell*

            James Perry

            Lloyd Riss

            Max Smith*

            Mary Joan Yarger

1997 – Patrick Schlemmer

            Margaret Leitel

1998 – Nancy Furey

            Mr. & Mrs. William Shenkle

1999 – Furman Korb

2000 – Ralph Burns Jr.

2002 – Carol Spencer

            Kim Gilmore

            Mr. and Mrs. Warren Furey

            Herbert Jacobs

            Nancy Marquart

            Margaret Sundie

2003 – Ann Facchine

            Edward Hopkins

            Ben Searle

            Robert Menzie

            A.B. Hallstrom

            Anne Furey

            Joan Huber

            Karen Johson

            Betts Shenkle

            Avalyn Skidmore

            Dr. Patrick Shilala

            Mary Stevenson

            Mr. & Mrs. Leo Nedza

            Gail Nedza

2004 – Gail Nedz

            Laura Guthridge

            Joseph Federici

            Beecher Klingensmith

            Nellie Beer

            Dr. Wilbert Lundren

            Charles Dillman

            Albert Polohonki

2005 – Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Brubaker

            Dr. Thomas Petraitis

            Edwin Brubaker

            John Yargar

            Jeanne Curtis

            Norma Brubaker

            Helen Gray

            Carol Laughlin

            Elizabeth Donovan

2006 – Albert Bishop

            James Fogg

            Dorothy Anderson

            Velma Reitz

            Laura Heemer

            James Taylor III

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