Lantern Walk Features DuBois Family

October 11, 2017 at 3:07 AM


Joelle Watt was the 2,000th person to go on the Lantern Walk and received a gift certificate from the historical society. From left are:  DuBois Area Historical Society President Ruth Gregori, London Watt, Joelle Watt and Jordan Watt.


          Another ideal evening for a walk greeted those who attended the DuBois Area Historical Society’s 10th Annual Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk. Two hundred and eighty-five people took the tour exploring “Life With the DuBois Family” at the family’s original location, now the Penn State DuBois Campus.

            Joelle Watt was recognized as the 2,000th person to go on the Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk during its 10 years of operation. She received a gift card from the historical society. The 285 participants were the fourth highest total in the walk’s history and marked the fifth consecutive year attendance has topped 250.  A total of 2,257 have attended the event to date.

            This year they walked the original property of John DuBois, the City of DuBois’ namesake, which his descendants donated to Penn State University to establish the local campus in 1938. The perspective came from a different group, the servants, who worked on the property and the children who grew up there. The tour included the Symmco House, also built by the DuBois family, and their home after they donated their original property and mansion to Penn State.

            Performing were:  Darius Clement as butler Florentine Boulard, Nancy Rosman as servant and seamstress Mary Lee, Carolyn Rhoades as cook Annie Maloney, Sue Stapleton as nanny Martha Frog, Beecher Klingensmith as doorman Lewis Lee, Donna Chollock as housekeeper Catherine Moor, Colin Micknis as Poncho the DuBois family dog, and Tom Shade as coachman Edwin Mix. Robin Powers had the role of Willie Gamble DuBois. The DuBois children were performed by Caleb Thompson as John Jr., Levi Thompson as Louis, Hannah Thompson as Caroline, Ella Chirico as Sarah, and Ruben and Simeon Chirico, sharing the role of David. The script was written and researched by Gene Aravich, Tom Schott, Virginia Schott, and Todd Thompson.

            Leading the tours were Paul Bojalad, Galen Kilmer, Ginny Schott, Tom Schott, and Todd Thompson. Gene Aravich, Richard Castonguay, Leah Crosley, Jeanne Hayes, and Jerry Watson accompanied the tours. Cookies made by members of the Society, donuts donated by Scotty’s Donuts, and beverages were provided at the end of the tour.

            The committee, which started planning this event in January, are: Ruth Gregori, Gene Aravich, Paul Bojalad, Darius Clement, Galen Kilmer, Beecher Klingensmith, Robin Powers, Carolyn Rhoades, Nancy Rosman, Ginny Schott, Todd Thompson, and Tom Schott (chair).

            Assisting at the Hiller Building were:  Ruth Gregori, Kathleen Clement, Jean Hayes, Anne Kosiba, Carol Laughlin, Linda Lupro, George Reilly, Mary Reilly, Cherie Shannon, and Susan Thompson.

            Sponsorship and assistance were provided by: an anonymous donor, Joe’s Tux Shop, Joe Skubisz of DuBois for the railroad lantern used in the logo design, Penn State DuBois, and Way Office Plus.

            Winners in the basket raffle included:  Laurie Hayes, Carol Laughlin, Leah Green, Jean Ann Shaffer, Bill Miller, Mary Petrich, Jenny Shick, Michelle Smith, Patty Luisi, Charlie Watt, Kathy Foulkrod, Kurt Meighen, Jane Ann Shaffer, Carol Straffin, and Steve Powers. Gordy Watt won the 50-50 raffle.


Darius Clement as Florentine Boulard, the butler.


Nancy Rosman as Mary Lee, servant and seamstress.


Carolyn Rhoades as Annie Maloney, the cook.


The DuBois children were performed by from left:   Ruben and Simeon Chirico, sharing the role of David, Levi Thompson as Louis, Hannah Thompson as Caroline, Ella Chirico as Sarah, and Caleb Thompson as John Jr.


Sue Stapleton as Martha Frog, the nanny.


Robin Powers as Willie Gamble DuBois on the stairs in the Symmco House.


Donna Chollock as Catherine Moor, the housekeeper.


Colin Micknis as Poncho, the DuBois family dog.


Tom Shade as Edwin Mix, coachman.

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