Letters From Grandma Spark Memories

March 29, 2019 at 3:14 AM


Ruth Gregori

        A sense of attachment and admiration, tinged with emotion, touched the 63 members and guests who attended the DuBois Area Historical Society’s 12thAnnual Luncheon.

            The program in honor of Women’s History Month was entitled “Letters from Grandma.” Six readers presented memories of women from the past, some of whom were early settlers.

            The readings were personal and sometimes emotional for the presenters, four of whom related true stories about their own ancestors. The stories were filled with descriptions of immigration and settlement in a new land; the joys of marriage and large families; and the tragedies of life fortified with the gift of faith. Polish, Swedish, and Italian immigrants to the DuBois area were highlighted.


Margie Leonard (left) and Jerry Watson 

          No less moving were two additional readings relating the stories of a midwife of the 1870’s and a suffragette from the early 20thCentury.

            Program readers included:  Ginny Schott, sisters Jerry Watson and Margie Leonard, Dick Castonguay, Ruth Gregori, Robin Powers, and Carolyn Rhoades.


Dick Castonguay 

           Society President Ruth Gregori gave the greeting and closing remarks. Todd Thompson delivered the pre-meal blessing. 

            The luncheon was held at Christ Lutheran Church, Sunflower Drive, DuBois. Catering by Paulette provided wedding soup and macaroni salad, sandwiches came from Brady Street Subway, and dessert from Walmart.

             Luigi’s Ristorante will host a “dining for a cause” day for the DuBois Area Historical Society on Sunday, April 27. Luigi’s will donate a portion of the day’s profits to the Society.


Robin Powers


Carolyn Rhoades


Ginny Schott

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