Lantern Walk Has Successful Return

October 20, 2021 at 11:21 PM


Evan Shields as the school crossing guard

   Following a one-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the DuBois Area Historical Society's 13th Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk made a successful return. One-hundred and eighty-four people turned out for the activity.

      "While this is the first time in seven years the Lantern Walk did not reach an attendance of 200 or more, it was wonderful to see the support from the community," said Tom Schott, chair of the walk. "Many familiar faces were in attendance along with first time participants. The Society was very pleased to have 29 students and nine grade school age children at the walk."

        The walk centered around downtown DuBois and back to school activities in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Eleven groups completed the tour learning about businesses and their owners; and meeting some famous people along the way.

        Performing were:  Evan Shields as the Chuck, the student crossing guard; Sue Stapleton as Katherine Thunberg, friend and seamstress for Helen Keller; Caitlyn Kalgren as Inez Crandle, DuBois' first librarian; Carolyn Rhoades as Janie Bader, long-time Brown's Boot Shop employee; Tom Shade as Ponziano "Ponzi" Ferraraccio, owner of Ponzi's Restaurant; Simeon Cherico as the Teenage Moviegoer; Hannah Thompson and Ella Cherico as Gwendolyn and Cecily Pigeon, continuing a walk tradition of having an animal speak to the delight of the young in attendance; Robin Powers as the Sears salesperson; and Caleb Thompson as Tommy the Teenager, purchasing records from Lowe's Music Store.

         Gene Aravich researched and wrote all of the parts with the exception of Inez Crandle, researched and written by Ginny Schott. Aravich and Tom Schott researched and wrote the narration.

          Leading the tours were Gene Aravich, Galen Kilmer, Ginny Schott, Tom Schott, Jackson Sturrock, and Todd Thompson. Accompaning the tours were Jim August, Pam August, Ginny Brown, Donna Tangren, and Jerry Watson.

          Handling various tasks that help make the walk successful were:  Dick Castonguay, Olga Chiodo, Betty Lou Cook,  Barb Emmer, Ruth Gregori, Denise Katchmarchi, Beecher Klingensmith, Linda Lupro, and Cherie Shannon.

          The committee, which started planning this event in January included:  Ruth Gregori, Gene Aravich, Paul Bojalad, Galen Kilmer, Beecher Klingensmith, Robin Powers, Carolyn Rhoades, Ginny Schott, Todd Thompson, and Tom Schott.


Sue Stapleton as Katherine Thunberg 


Caitlin Kalgren as Inez Crandle


Carolyn Rhoades as Janie Bader


Tom Shade as Ponziano "Ponzi" Ferraraccio


Simeon Cherico as the teenage movie goer


Hannah Thompson (left) and Ella Cherico as the Pigeon Sisters


Robin Powers as the Sears  salesperson


Caleb Thompson as the teenage record purchaser


Todd Thompson (right) leads the first walk of the evening


Caleb Thompson studies between tours

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