Trinity Lutheran Church Makes Donation To Society

June 28, 2012 at 11:14 AM


Trinity Lutheran Church

            The DuBois Area Historical Society received a donation from Trinity Lutheran Church, DuBois, as part of the church’s final disbursement of funds following its closing.

            “The DuBois Area Historical Society is pleased to be remembered by Trinity Lutheran,” said historical society president Ruth Gregori. “We are sad to have the church close and appreciate the support they are providing to our organization.”

            Many Trinity Lutheran Church members had a connection with the DuBois Area Historical Society. Two historical society presidents, Tom Schott and E. D. Reitz, and long-time youth director Tammy (Nelson) Ott, came from the Trinity congregation. Pastor Chris Ramsey and the late Pastor Pat Ramsey, and many other members of Trinity were active at various times with the historical society.

            Trinity Lutheran Church ended its 105 years of service to the community on June 26, 2011, when a last service was conducted by Rev. Chris Ramsey. The decision was made to close the church during the May 15, 2011, congregational meeting, choosing to conclude in a dignified, organized manner benefiting its long and eventful history.

            The remaining members of the Trinity Church Council took on the responsibility of the legal requirements for closing the church, disposing of the church property, and distribution of remaining funds to non-profit organizations. Attorney Anthony Guido handled the legal process for the congregation.

            A DuBois resident purchased Trinity Lutheran Church early in 2012. Much to the delight of the Trinity Council he plans to keep the church as a religious facility, and he is currently in the process of renovating and updating the church.

            Proceeds from the sale of the physical property, the church building and attached parsonage, were divided between Trinity’s sister congregations Christ, DuBois; St. John, Rockton, and St. Peter, Luthersburg; and Gettysburg Seminary, Allegheny Synod, and Camp Sequanota.

            The remaining money in the checking account following the payment of all outstanding bills was split equally between the DuBois Food Pantry and the DuBois Area Historical Society.