Thompson Speaks At Treasure Lake

January 24, 2014 at 3:51 PM

     On January 16, Todd Thompson, DuBois Area Historical Society Historian, was the guest speaker at the Lakeview Lodge as part of the Treasure Lake Lecture Series. His subject was “The DuBois Mansion”, home of the John E. DuBois family.

     After a shortened version of the early history of DuBois and John DuBois’ ventures in DuBois, Thompson presented a slide showmansion_bw_close.jpg of the transformation of the original mansion of John DuBois to the Tudor style mansion of John E. and Willie Gamble DuBois (shown at right).

     Included were images of the extensive gardens which extended to where the DuBois Area High School is located, the Carriage House, the vineyards along the hillside leading to the Monument and the inside rooms and furnishings of the home.

     A question and answer session followed the slide presentation. Many people in the audience had attended the Penn State DuBois Campus when the Mansion was used for classrooms and offices.

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