Society Member Remembers B & S Trips

August 24, 2017 at 4:04 PM


Nellie (left) and Dave Beer at the recent B & S Railroad Symposium.

      Dave Beer, now 95 going on 96, remembers riding the B&S Railroad from DuBois to spend a week at their camp located in Wilmer across the Bennetts Brance from Dents Run near the PRR tracks

      Dave’s father worked for the BR&P Railroad and his pass was honored on the B&S. Dave, his father and younger brother boarded the B&S train at a little station off Maple Avenue below Maple Avenue Hospital. A family by name of Mancuso lived there. Mr. Mancuso had a “paddy car” and traveled the track each morning looking for damaged areas.

      When the train reached Dents Run, Mr. Beer and the boys got off, walked across the Dents Run Railroad bridge to the other side where the camp was located. During the week, they would walk back across the Dents Run Railroad bridge to visit the Whitcomb Store in Dents Run.

       After a week, when they wanted to return home, they waited for the train to come and motioned that they would like to board. The train couldn’t stop because it was on a hill, but it slowed enough so that Mr. Beer was able to put the youngest boy on the steps to climb aboard. Then Dave and his father climbed on and headed home again to DuBois.

As told to Ruth Gregori, July 26, 2017

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