Rainbow Leads Way To Lantern Walk

October 17, 2018 at 5:57 PM


Caleb & Levi Thompson (l to r) performed as tannery workers.

            The DuBois Area Historical Society’s 11thAnnual Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk didn’t get off to a good start. Torrential rain greeted everyone arriving at the host site, the John E. DuBois Hose Company.

            Within a half hour, however, skies began to clear and perhaps, symbolically, a rainbow was seen over adjacent Juniata Lake.

            “It was like a go-ahead and tell my history message,” said Tom Schott, coordinator of the Lantern Walk. “I’m sure the rain chased off some of the pre-registered participants, otherwise we might have had an even better attendance.”


Beecher Klingensmith as Abe Dahrouge.

            Eventually 270 people took the walk with only the first of 12 walks experiencing a shower at the start and the last two encountered some sprinkles. 

            Those attending received a guided walk through the history of the East Side, including two speculations on why this section north of the City of DuBois is called the East Side. Along the way they encountered nine costumed performers, who highlighted the history of the area.


Barb Emmer as Anna Olson. 

          They included:  Beecher Klingensmith as fireman Abe Dahrouge; Tom Shade as tannery owner A. R. Van Tassel; Caleb Thompson and Levi Thompson as tannery workers; Barb Emmer as East Side resident Anna Olson, who explained the section’s Swedish heritage; Robin Powers as Aunt Mary Hamilton, first cook at the DuBois Country Club; Hannah Thompson as the Goose, representing the feathered birds from Tannery Dam; Merica Pallone as Theresa Gulvas, one of the two bank clerks present for DuBois’ first bank robbery in 1979; and Paul Sprague as banker John Q. Groves, founder of the Bucktail Council Boy Scouts of America.


Merica Pellone as Theresa Gulvas.

            Several of those attending had a personal connection to the walk: Tennie Anderson and Sheila Kearney. Anderson now living in Minnesota, is a granddaughter of tannery co-founder A. R. Van Tassel. Kearney is the other bank clerk present during DuBois’ first bank robbery.


Paul Sprague as John Q. Groves.

           Gene Aravich, Barb Emmer, Ginny Schott, and Tom Schott wrote script parts. Tom Schott and Todd Thompson wrote the tour leader information. Paul Bojalad, Galen Kilmer, Carolyn Rhoades, Ginny Schott, Tom Schott, and Todd Thompson led tours accompanied by Gene Aravich, Dick Castonguay, Darius Clement, Jeanne Hayes, and Jerry Watson.


Hannah Thompson as the Goose.

           Ruth Gregori, Kathleen Clement, Jean Hayes, Anne Kosiba, Carol Laughlin, Linda Lupro, George Reilly, Mary Reilly, Cherie Shannon, and Susan Thompson along with 10 members of the John E. DuBois Hose Company Auxiliary assisted at the fire hall. Eleven member of the John E. DuBois Hose Company provided traffic control. Over 60 dozen cookies were prepared by historical society members and the Auxiliary provided cider and popcorn. 


Tom Shade brought bark to enhance his performance as A. R. Van Tassel. 

        “The DuBois Area Historical Society is grateful to the John E. DuBois Hose Company and its Auxiliary for allowing us to use their facilities and assisting with the walk,” said Tom Schott. “It is cooperation like this that helps make DuBois a great community for its residents.”

          The attendance total was the fifth highest in Lantern Walk history and marked the sixth consecutive year that attendance has topped 250.


Robin Powers as Mary Hamilton.

More Photos From The Evening



Carol Laughlin, Ruth Gregori, and Cheri Shannon (l to r) operate the 50/50 and basket raffle.


Jean Hayes (left) and Susan Thompson (right) supervising the cookies. 


Making a choice at the basket raffle.

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