Museum Popular Stop During Art Walk

June 11, 2014 at 9:07 PM


Frank Rossman (standing middle) and Aaron Dewyer (at easel) give art lessons to children druing the Art Walk on the Block. 

        Aaron Dewyer and Frank Rossman were the guest artists in the DuBois Area Historical Society’s E. D. Reitz Museum during the June 7 Art Walk On the Block.

            Dewyer and Rossman specialized in superhero drawings. Throughout the Art Walk, the artistic duo entertained children and adults alike with their work.

           Want Godzilla? He was a specialty. Want a superhero? Captain America and other comic book heroes were only a drawing away.

            Youngsters visiting the museum received hands-on lessons in how to draw and create their own characters being told that three common shapes are the basis of all drawings. The activity was held appropriately enough in the museum room featuring the art work of local artist Richard Burfoot.

            The E. D. Reitz Museum was also an attraction to those participating in the Downtown DuBois Revitalization activity. Between 130 and 150 people toured the museum on their own during the course of the day.

            DuBois Area Historical Society Board member Carolyn Rhoades arranged for Dewyer and Rossman to demonstrate their skills at the museum.


Frank Rossman (left) and Aaron Dewyer start a drawing.

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