Miller Relates Navy Experiences

November 11, 2015 at 8:23 AM

emory_miller_2.jpg     An overflow crowd of 33 members and guests gathered to hear a presentation by World War II veteran Emory Miller, theconcluding DuBois Area Historical Society program for 2015. The contingent included the local U. S. Marine recruiter with a number of his recruits.

     Miller of Home Camp, was 17-years-old when he enlisted in the U. S. Navy on Dec. 30, 1942. After completing boot camp at Newport, R. I., Miller served his enlistment in the Pacific Theater. Originally hoping to work in food preparation, Miller was instead ordered to torpedo school.

      He was assigned to the U.S.S. Whitehurst, a destroyer escort, which survived the impact of a Japanese suicide plane at Okinawa, Japan. That attack killed 42 members of the Whitehurst’s crew. Miller’s emotions were still evident when he talked about his lost crewmates.

      In addition to his presentation, Miller also showed a DVD created around his talk that included still photos of the Whitehurst and additional military reminders.

      World War II ended while Miller was still on duty. He spent the remainder of his tour on shore duty in Shanghai, China. He completed his enlistment on Dec. 27, 1946. Returning to the DuBois area he worked for the railroad until retirement.

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