LibraryThing Is Genealogy Topic

October 18, 2018 at 3:00 AM

       LibraryThing will be the topic of the DuBois Area Historical Society’s Genealogy Workshop on Thursday, October 25,at 2 p.m. in the Penn State DuBois Library located in the Hiller Building. The program will be presented by Ginny Schott of DuBois and is free and open to all.

       LibraryThing is a social cataloging web application for storing and sharing book catalogs and various types of book metadata. LibraryThing currently has over 2,300,000 users.  Authors, individuals, libraries, and publishers use it as a way to create an online catalog of books, videos and music that is searchable from everywhere. LibraryThing’s use of author and title makes it very easy to use and enables the user to download records from Amazon or other libraries including the Library of Congress and WorldCat.

         DuBois Area Historical Society Director of Genealogy Barb Emmer, Schott, and Linda Lupro, all retired professional librarians, use LibraryThing to catalog the Society’s collection. This includes books owned by the Society, family histories, and obituary files. They are beginning to catalog the Society’s local history files. Nearly 800 items are currently catalogued and can be accessed at the Society’s website ( by clicking on the library link.

         The program will demonstrate LibraryThing’s online catalog of the historical society’s collection and how to use LibraryThing to create a personal catalog.

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