Lantern Walk Attracts Crowd Of 294

October 20, 2016 at 1:03 PM


Todd Thompson (left) leads the first tour.

            Early day rain, followed by a cool but clear evening, marked another successful DuBois Area Historical Society Spirit of DuBois Lantern Walk. Two hundred and ninety-four people, the third highest attendance ever, participated in the 9th annual walk. It was the fourth straight year that attendance topped 250.

            “It was a great evening for learning about the history of DuBois,” said Tom Schott, chair of the Lantern Walk. “The Society appreciates the outstanding support the community is giving to this event. Being based at the Best Western Conference Center this year, also allowed for the participants to gather afterwards to socialize.”

            “Our Spirit Came by Train” was the theme for the 9th annual walk.  Ten tour groups took the walk, where they met costumed performers who related some of DuBois’ history involved with the railroad stations.


Beecher Klingensmith (left) as Chief Iron Tail and Darius Clement as Buffalo Bill.

           Those taking the walk met with a mix of real and composite characters. They included:  Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) played by Darius Clement; Chief Iron Tail played by Beecher Klingensmith; a young Johnny Jones Circus fan played by Hannah Thompson; radio personality Charlie Moore played by Tharran Thompson; a Juniata Railroad worker played by Tom Shade, who demonstrated the use of a logging tool known as a cant; Dr. Betty Hayes played by Nancy Rosman; U. S. Secret Service agent Floyd Boring played by Dave Clark; Pittsburgh Pirate Hall of Fame member Honus Wagner played by Levi Thompson; and Gordy the Groundhog played by Caleb Thompson.


Tharran Thompson as Charlie Moore on the steps of the former radio station.

           Gene Aravich, Tom Schott, and Todd Thompson wrote the 2016 Lantern Walk script. Todd Thompson, Paul Bojalad, Don Mowrey, Ginny Schott and Tom Schott led the tours. Accompanying the tours were Gene Aravich, Jeanne Hayes, Carolyn Rhoades, Jerry Watson, and Susie Shaffer.

            Making up the 2016 Lantern Walk committee were Ruth Gregori, Gene Aravich, Paul Bojalad, Dave Clark, Galen Kilmer, Beecher Klingensmith, Carolyn Rhoades, Nancy Rosman, Ginny Schott, Todd Thompson, and Tom Schott.

            Assisting at the Best Western Conference Center were Kathleen Clement, Barb Emmer, Ruth Gregori, Jean Hayes, Carol Laughlin, Robin Powers, George Reilly, Mary Reilly, Cherie Shannon, Susie Shaffer, and Susan Thompson.

            The City of DuBois, Best Western Inn and Conference Center, Auto Zone, DuBois Logistics, Foradora’s Insurance, Fyzical, Joe’s Tux Shop, Scotty’s Donuts, Swift-Kennedy & Associates, and Way Office Plus provided sponsorship and assistance. Angelo Segall of Weedville loaned the cant.

            Mary Syktich won the 50/50 raffle. Basket raffle winners were:  Gordy Watt, Cherie Shannon, Laurie Smith, Frank Villella, Alice Clark, Bryan Hand, Carol Beegle, Rita Kirk, Wanda Lockwood, Pam Belser, Mary Witherow, Tom Rubritz, Michelle Smith, Patrick Pomeroy, Alex Belser, Cindy Siverling, Jordan Watt, Michelle Snyder, and Ruth Coppolo.


Hannah Thompson is excited about Johnny Jones' Circus.


Tom Shade, a railroad worker with a cant.


Nancy Rosman as Dr. Betty Hayes.


Dave Clark as U. S. Secret Service Agent Floyd Boring.


Caleb Thompson as Gordy the Groundhog.


Levi Thompson as Pittsburgh Pirate Hall of Fame member Honus Wagner.


. . . and at the end there are always cookies!



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