Hook Draws Crowd During Art Walk

June 08, 2013 at 9:33 PM


Dorothy Hook

    The DuBois Area Historical Society was a stop on the Art Walk in downtown DuBois on Saturday June 8. Featured artist Dorothy Hook was actively working another large mural.  The Art Walk is an annual event featuring local artists and drawing people to the downtown area.

hook_painting_1.jpg      One of her most interesting paintings on display was that of Harry Rhed (left), a lumberman who lived near Brockway and died in 1976 at age 93. This painting won First Place at a show at the William Penn Museum in Harrisburg. Paul B. Gulvas, one of Mr. Rhed’s sixteen grandchildren, provided her with a short history of his grandfather’s life.

      Also on display were watercolors of company houses from the coal mining town of Helvetia, ink drawings of the Bennetts Valley area and two large murals. The artist worked on a piece of her artwork as she chatted with spectators.

      Dorothy Hook was given the honor of excellence by Penn State University’s Stuckman School College of Fine Arts. Of Penn State alumni graduates since 1963, she was one out of the 100 chosen for creativity and design that have made an impact on the world globally. She was given the honor for her series of Watercolors of Alaska.

      Over 150 people visited the Historical Society during the Walk, some who had never been there before and were surprised at the extent of the displays.


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