Genealogy Research Session Scheduled

August 25, 2017 at 3:06 AM

      It must have been a complete surprise to both Barrack Obama and George W. Bush to learn that they are related. Likewise, formerfamily_history_logo.jpg President Obama and Dick Cheney are actually distant cousins. Who would have thought Diana, Princess of Wales would have ties to Sarah Palin? Perhaps you have wondered who will fall out of your family tree once it is shaken.

      The DuBois Area Historical Society is inaugurating a series on genealogy research for beginners this fall. The first session on Thursday, October 19, 2-3:30 p.m., and will focus on how to begin the process of collecting facts, files, and data to discover one’s roots. Leading the series is Barb Emmer, director of genealogy for the Society. The one and one-half hour session will take place at the Historical Society on West Long Avenue. There is no fee to participate.

       The word genealogy is Greek from the word generation and means family history. Tracing one’s lineage is complex and involves research for information from many historical sources. Some sources cost money; others are free. In this series participants will be introduced to both types through online examination, guest speakers, and critical analysis. There are shortcuts to searching and these will be discussed, as well.

         Those attending will explore those sources available locally at the historical society and how they can contribute to the family history of those who live, or once lived in the DuBois area. The library offers many kinds of sources, collected and maintained for easy access. These include such items as city directories, obituaries, marriage announcements, yearbooks, church records, etc.

         Getting started is easy, but organizing it all can be overwhelming. This will be the focus of the first session. Beginners will learn what has worked for some genealogists and what mistakes have been made along the way. Together the group will share experiences of success and surprises.

         Everyone is welcome. Please call 814-375-9660 and leave your name and telephone number to pre-register.




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