Fort Worth Presents Check To Society

May 14, 2016 at 9:41 PM


From left:  Tom Schott, Amy Hilliard and Jolea Palumbo.

          The Fort Worth Restaurant in DuBois recently presented the DuBois Area Historical Society with a check for $158. The money was a percentage of the Ft. Worth’s profits on Feb. 27, when it sponsored a fundraiser for the Society.

            Amy Hilliard, general manager for Fort Worth Restaurant & Palumbo Lodge & Event Center, and Jolea Palumbo presented the check to Tom Schott, Society 2nd vice president and chair of fund raising.

            “The DuBois Area Historical Society appreciates the backing of businesses like the Fort Worth,” said Schott. “We thank them for agreeing to hold this event to benefit the Society. The Society is also grateful to the many people who dined at the Fort Worth that day in support of the Society.”

            The DuBois Area Historical Society is a tax-exempt organization. It is run entirely by volunteers and relies on donations, memberships, and fund raising activities to maintain the E. D. Reitz Museum on Long Avenue and pursue other projects.

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