DuBois High School Class of 1948 Enjoys Trolley Tour

September 28, 2013 at 9:56 PM


From left:  Jeanne Hayes, Alice (Hetrick) Smith, Jerry Dolan, Patti (Shenkle) Fair, Jean (Richards) Hayes, Carolyn (Shenkle) McCain, Jean (Clyde) Means, Marilyn (Corp) Scherer, Weldon Frost, Brenda Frost, Anna Bess (Buchanan) Reiff, Maureen (Hassan) Sayers, Ron Fair, DuBois Area Historical Society Historian Todd Thompson. Missing from the picture are Gordon North and his wife, Chris, trolley driver Dale Kilmer, and Ruth Gregori.

        The DHS Class of 1948 invited DuBois Area Historical Society Historian Todd Thompson and Society President Ruth Gregori to accompany them on a Trolley Tour of DuBois on August 31.

        Thompson acted as tour guide and provided historical information about stops along the two hour ride. Areas of interest included some places no longer in existence, but were much a part of their life in 1948.

        Some of the stops were the DuBois Campus, former location of the DuBois family home; the site of the old DuBois Brewery; and the hill atop Rumbarger Cemetery overlooking DRMC, formerly the DuBois Hospital. A stop at the parking lot of the Middle School on Liberty Boulevard brought back memories and many stories of the old DuBois High School that once stood there.

        Everyone enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane in Dr. Rice’s trolley driven by Dale Kilmer.

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