Drop Ceiling Installed

March 10, 2014 at 3:23 PM


      Thanks to Tom Rubritz (left), director of building and grounds, with assistance from Todd Thompson (on ladder below) and George Reilly (at right below), a drop ceiling was installed in one of the display rooms in the Nye Annex of the E. D. Reitz Museum. With the completion of the rewiring of the building in 2013, the time was right to install the ceiling, which should help to conserve the heat in that section of the building. At the same time they also enclosed the furnace for that building. Painting lies ahead before the work in the room is completed.

        Another improvement for the museum was completed during February 2014. A new circuit break box as installed by Hallstrom-Clark in the section of the museum housing the genealogy library. The box replaced one installed when Shively Jewelry owned that section of the building.


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