Children Enjoy Night at the Museum

February 28, 2017 at 3:36 PM


Carolyn Rhoades demonstrates notary seals. 

          A dozen children, accompanied by eight parents or guardians enjoyed the DuBois Area Historical Society’s 3rd Annual Night at the Museum. The program is designed with younger people in mind to introduce them to local history.

            This year’s event featured some hands-on contact with the collection in the E. D. Reitz Museum. The children and their families were introducted to the following items:  DuBois scrip (money used at the company store) presented by Barbara Emmer; a gas heated curling iron presented by Virginia Schott; legal/notary seals (used to mark official documents) by Carolyn Rhoades; ice tongs presented by Galen Kilmer; and cameras presented by Tom Schott. The uses were explained and in most cases could be handled by the children.

Paul Bojalad and Todd Thompson led the groups through the museum. Carolyn Roades, the Society’s youth director, chaired the committee, which planned the event. The committee included:  Ruth Gregori, Barbara Emmer, Virginia Schott, and Tom Schott. Assisting at the museum were Gene Aravich, George Reilly, Mary Reilly, and Dorothy Mattern.

            At the conclusion of each program cookies and milk donated by Save-A-Lot were served.


Barb Emmer shows off some DuBois scrip.


Old stye hair curling from Ginny Schott.


Galen Kilmer with a number of ice tongs.


Tom Schott displays a disc from an early digital camera.

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